Office Design

Google’s brand new office for its Asia Pacific arm have recently opened its doors at Pasir Panjang.  For its 1,000 employees in the office, Google has gone all out to provide the best in creature comforts. The office glows in the abundance of natural light, and there spaces where the employees can meet and brainstorm innovations together.

Interior designing for a great suite of offices should combine both style and substance. Form and function should create a synergy within your employees in the office. Furthermore, it must reflect and adhere to the company’s corporate identity and branding. Only then it can inspire confidence within your employees and clients, allowing them to believe in the company’s vision and mission.

An office should possess an environment that cultivates talent, and make your employees feel at home too. Having a good working space will increase productivity as it lets your employee focus on the task at hand.

We understand that an investment in a new office space involves a considerable amount of time and resources. Happe Interior & Design will make your investment worth every penny. Our team will consult and liaise closely with you to create an office that personifies your voice and vision. Let us help build up your ambitions at Happe Interior & Design.